foto friday

messing around with bokeh and depth of field in the Parma’s grass.

This one with my 300mm f4 and water droplets on the grass
out and about at 300mm

and this one with my 80-200mm f2.8 and a leaf (new custom header picture)
leaf at f2.8

here is a two flash “strobist” take on decorative grass headers
two flash
sb800 to camera left about two feet from the grass. Sb800 on the camera about 6 or 7 feet from the grass. both flashes bare. both on TTL.


fridai fotoes


joseph in uniform

jr. ROTC

Lighting information for the Joseph pictures:
two sb800’s and a setting sun. SB800 on the camera in TTL Commander mode. SB800 set to TTL on moving voice activated stand to camera right 3 feet away and pointing up at Joseph. Setting sun off to camera right approximately 93 million miles away. White diffusers mounted.

friday feautaux

a couple of macros.
flower and bee
two flash macro

and a sepia of Daniel checking his pictures

friday fotos

adam and the cat looking comfortable

fall leaves from which I cropped my current header. pushed the saturation to max to blow out the red and emphasize the color.
red leaves

package arrived

I had a package waiting for me after work today. an innocuous brown box.
ESV Study Bible

As anyone would do, I opened it only to find another box. this one white and much less innocuous.
ESV Study BibleESV Study Bible

I opened the white box to discover a bit of shrink wrapped brown papery goodness.
ESV Study Bible

removed the wrap.
ESV Study Bible

opened it up.
ESV Study Bible
ESV Study Bible

Hmmm. this is going to be fun. The TruTone is soft and flexible. The Bible is HUGE. I haven’t read much of the study material yet, but what I have read is good. The timelines are very helpful.

The Bible opens completely flat with no effort, so you can read it easily on a table or desk. Plus, it included a code to access the online version of the ESV Study Bible which, depending on your laptop is less bulky than the physical version.

All in all a great package to have waiting.

Now, one more arrival next year sometime if the funds permit.

Julie and Hope

Messing around with off-camera flash

julie at 28mm

julie at 28mm

friday fotos

pray for the Reformissionary’s lovely wife Molly has she has brain surgery today.

here are a couple of pictures:

Bella looking at my flash

trying to capture the pinky orange color