Amos Story

new video released from Aaron Ivey.

Aaron is one of the worship leaders at the Austin Stone. He released an album last year Between the Beauty and the Chaos

Aaron and his wife Jamie embarked on the adoption of brother and sister Amos and Story from Haiti about two years ago. late last year, the paperwork was completed and Story made it home to Austin. Amos remains in Haiti waiting for the last stage of paperwork to be completed. He and the rest of the children in his orphanage survived the earthquake, but have been living outside for almost a week now. Pray for them to find a new place to stay and to have plenty of food and water supplied. Pray also for a miracle to allow Amos to get home soon.

This song and video is specifically about Aaron’s struggle to complete the process and get his children home. But do you see any metaphors here?


worship for blokey blokes

interview with Matt Redman about the modern church being over-mothered and under-fathered.

HT to Timmy Brister

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sunday night

we went to the Long Center front lawn last evening for the concert in the park series from the Austin Symphony. It was big band night and it was great. Took a picnic. brought the camera and listened to the big band sounds followed by shaved ice snow cones. hmmmmmm.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Austin?

concert in the park

concert in the park

worshipping worship

Challies has posted an extended quote from D.A. Carson on the idea that as we progress into the era where feelings are paramount we are developing an odd tendency to fetishize “worship” itself. Here is a piece of Dr. Carson’s quote, but go to the link to read it all to find out why more lively music ultimately may fail to satisfy the need within a believer to truly worship God.

In an age increasingly suspicious of (linear) thought, there is much more respect for the “feelings” of things – whether a film or a church service. It is disturbingly easy to plot surveys of people, especially young people, drifting from a church of excellent preaching and teaching to one with excellent music because, it is alleged, there is “better worship” there. But we need to think carefully about this matter. Let us restrict ourselves for the moment to corporate worship. Although there are things that can be done to enhance corporate worship, there is a profound sense in which excellent worship cannot be attained merely by pursuing excellent worship. In the same way that, according to Jesus, you cannot find yourself until you lose yourself, so also you cannot find excellent corporate worship until you stop trying to find excellent corporate worship and pursue God himself. Despite the protestations, one sometimes wonders if we are beginning to worship worship rather than worship God. As a brother put it to me, it’s a bit like those who begin by admiring the sunset and soon begin to admire themselves admiring the sunset.

emphasis added

This gets to something that bugs me more than a little bit. It is the idea that worship is that bit of singing before the message at church. Worship should be an attitude of adoration and praise toward God when we read His word, when we pray, when we listen to His word expounded in preaching and teaching, and yes, when we engage in corporate singing of those praises.

By putting “worship” into the corporate singing box, then we have played into what Dr. Carson is talking about. When we realize that all of our ways of pursuing God are worship, then we are more likely to experience true worship in everything that we do.

Aaron Ivey

Aaron Ivey is one of the worship leaders at the Austin Stone. He released a solo album this week, Between the Beauty and the Chaos. You can download it on Amazon or iTunes

I highly recommend the whole thing. Aaron seems to fully embrace his inner Coldplay to very good effect.

here is a direct purchase button


and here is aaron’s website.

singing my song

Joe Thorn is singing my song. I love to sing and I firmly believe there is a song for every occasion. Singing is a wonderful way to express thoughts, fears, feelings, hopes, concerns, dreams. Sometimes when no song lyrics come to mind, I will make them up. My kids feel like they live in a musical sometimes.

here’s a bit of Joe. be sure and read the rest to see his suggested remedy when you don’t feel like singing.

People sing about the things that capture their hearts, things that give them joy, or allow them to express sorrow. People sing of heroes, victory, longing, and hope. Does anyone have more reasons to sing than you? As a sinner who has been forgiven, a slave who has been set free, a blind man who has received sight, a spiritual cripple who has been healed – all by the gospel, you have real reasons to be known as a man of song!

Worship CD from Austin City Life

Austin City Life will release its first worship CD on June 28. Here is their myspace page where you can preview the tracks.

here are some of the distinctives of ACL’s approach to music:

City focused
Martin Luther on the Spirit
High Colossian Christology
Ancient hymns to progressive tunes
Reflective worship that builds and crescendos
Integration of Gospel, Community, and Mission in the song writing

nate navarro is one of the three worship leaders and he already has music out.

Keep in mind that Jonathan Dodson is firmly of the opinion that God is not your girlfriend or boyfriend.