fotos on a Friday

trying Kodak Ektachrome 100G slide film in the Nikon F5.

love the 105mm and sun rays
in the sun

maximal bokeh
in the sun

sunset through the tree
Soft light

and Natalie being the “tall girl in the middle.”
mcneil v. georgetown


phridae phoatoes

more black and white film from the Nikon F4e. this is ilford delta 400. I like the grain and contrast of it.

big yawn


the little Canon Powershot S90 is an exceptionally good point and shoot camera.

phriday photos

the sky was a little bit strange Tuesday evening
tuesday evening

here is the same picture as the one from last week on 35mm film to show the full 17mm. (compare to D300 17mm which is more like 24mm)
17mm Capitol

and I always love the flowers
more flowers

phridai photoes

love depth of field, bokeh and flowers

rediscovering film photography with a Nikon F5 and Fuji velvia 100.
sunset at the capitol

wide angle lens and a polarizer

foto friday

afternoon bokeh

Black and White sunstar
afternoon sun

Black and White dandelion
B&W flowers

God in nature

Challies put up an excellent post yesterday about the nine things he learned about God from nature. Take some time this weekend to read it.

I have also been struck by this fact when I take pictures:


God overlooked no detail in creating this world. While humans like to declare that certain parts of our bodies are unnecessary or left over from some far-off evolutionary process, nature offers us no such hints. In Planet Earth we cannot help but see the beauty of God in the details—in the tiniest microbes and the largest mammals. God created this world to function perfectly, down to its tiniest and seemingly least significant parts.

If God has seen fit to be involved in the tiniest details of the tiniest creatures He has made, how much more can we trust Him in the details of our lives. The same God who sees the sparrow fall is the God who is present with us as we seek to live our lives in accordance with His will. The God who has woven together this world is the same God who weaves together providence for our good and for His glory.

the details are so amazing. that is why I love macro photography.
aperture experiments

butterflies on lantana

friday fotoes

a pelican swooping over the water last Tuesday morning
lake morning

more macro flowers
aperture experiments

and a monochromatic sunstar from the old film camera
afternoon sun