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creepy or great?

Jonah G. wants to know if you find this creepy or not?

my vote is creepy. what do you think?

UPDATE: you will never guess who is behind this video. ok, maybe you will, but I doubt it. Check it out, Ed Morissey has the details.

How Sharp the Edge?

Here is the download and outline of Mark Driscoll’s talk this past weekend at the Desiring God National Conference.

I listened to it yesterday. Wow. It was great and convicting. As you can see from the outline, Mark said that pastors need to:
1. feed the sheep
2. rebuke the swine
3. shoot the wolves
4. bark at the dogs
5. pray for the shepherds.

Mark spent the biggest chunks of time on numbers 3 and 4. Shoot the wolves means to call out false teachers before they have a chance to harm the flock. As you can guess, this meant extended quotes from Matthew 23.

Bark at the dogs means to make fun of the religiously self-important people. To use ridicule and satire to show them how ridiculous they are.

The reason why pastors need to be ready and willing to shoot wolves and bark at dogs is love. Love for the targets who may only respond to that kind of jolt and love for the sheep who will be damaged by false teachers and religious rule keepers.

Like I said, great stuff. Well worth the wait.


we started a study of Luke at Vista Church three weeks ago. The podcasts are here. I highly recommend all three of them. Jeff Mangum has been on flaming fire. three of the best messages that go right at the heart of the matter of faith and trust with which I have ever been challenged.

Something only Mark Driscoll would do

here is something that only Mark Driscoll would write and that only he would do with it once it was written.

Over the years, much of my ministry has been to men in general, and young, single men in particular. The least likely person to go to church in virtually every nation, including my own, is a single man between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four. These guys are a priority for me. As our church began growing, I started pulling these guys together for “boot camps” to speak to them off the record with plain speech about real issues of being men. The guys were responsive and very few had a dad, let alone a Christian dad, and they were clueless about why God made men.
To help these guys, some years ago I sat down and in one day wrote a small booklet about male sexuality that we published in-house. Since then we have gone through thousands of copies and literally cannot keep it in stock. I asked some Christian publishers if they wanted it, and they said it was too hot to handle and so they declined.

So, I decided to just put it online and give it away for free.

here is the page where the book will be posted a chapter at a time. So far only the introduction is up.

I appreciate very much Mark’s head on confrontation of this huge and very real problem.

Mark Steyn on the thuggery

Here is Mark Steyn on the bout of thuggery and intimidation from the Barack Obama campaign.

As Stanley Kurtz, Milt Rosenberg and David Freddoso can tell you, this pattern is well established: The Obama campaign’s response to uncongenial allegations is not to rebut them but to use its muscle to squash the authors. This is especially true when it comes to attempts to lift the curtain however briefly on the Senator’s mysterious past. The New York Times’ general line on the Obama candidacy may approximate that of Bagehot on the British monarchy (“we must not let daylight in upon magic”), but the last time I checked that was not yet constitutionally enshrined.

Throughout my travails this last year with Canada’s capricious, totalitarian “human rights” commissions, I have expressed my appreciation for America’s First Amendment. Free societies do not criminalize opinion. What Obama is doing via pliable Missouri public officials is disgusting – and a revealng portent of what his Administration would do to its enemies*.

(*By “enemies”, I mean Stan and David, of course. Ahmadinejad & Co will be sleeping soundly in their beds.)

the defense plan from Mr. Obama

here is Barack Obama’s defense plan for the U.S.

background on why I am posting this video here. and more stuff here. Oh and here is another bit here. and just in case you can’t see the pattern yet, here is some more.

“shut up” he argued. well, that isn’t a very convincing argument.