foto friday

afternoon bokeh

Black and White sunstar
afternoon sun

Black and White dandelion
B&W flowers


photo phriday

here are my sister’s sons hamming it up. I had one flash to camera left and one mounted on the camera bouncing off the white ceiling. Both set to TTL.
Nathan and Joshua

here is the picture from which I cropped my current header.
morning clouds

and a snap from the trip home yesterday evening while I waited at a stop light.


foto friday

here is bokeh from the 105mm on Film
Happy Bokeh Wednesday F4e

and Joseph is back out at Camp Peniel for two weeks of work camp. This is the shower and sink facility
camp peniel F4e

and here is some lightning from last night’s storm. This was my first attempt at lightning capture. I want to have another go at it.
tonight's storm

photo phriday

some more hot weather sun loving flowers

wildflowers in the sun

wildflowers in the sun

wildflowers in the sun

wider view
wildflowers in the sun

flowers in the thorns

prickly pear putting on a show

prickly pear putting on a show

I don’t know if you have ever gotten personally involved with a prickly pear cactus up close, but it is an exceedingly unpleasant experience. The big thorns hurt and will poke you deeply, but they are fairly easy to remove. It is the little bitty thorns that seem to multiply in your skin and are almost impossible to remove even with a steady hand, a magnifying glass and a good pair of tweezers.

But then I read in westerns that people used prickly pear cactus for a water source and I wonder how they did it. I have tasted prickly pear jelly and it was good, but again I wonder who harvested it and how. somebody had to get at least a few thorns in them, because those little ones seem to jump off the cactus into your skin whether you touch them or not.

No real point to make, but I do love looking at and taking pictures of cactus flowers. they are so bright and beautiful that my camera has trouble digesting the yellows without blowing out the exposure. Why in the world would God make something so pretty in the middle of such vicious thorns?

several possible metaphors come to mind, but my sleepy brain can’t work any of them through to a satisfying ending. maybe you guys can come up with something.

more Cactus

foto friday

we went camping last weekend.

he caught one

these daisy looking flowers had less diameter than a dime
tiny flowers

waiting for a bite

foetoe fridae

I am sorry that i missed last Friday. moving messed up my routine and I forgot. have I mentioned that I hate moving?

yellow flowers


mexican hats