what he said

here is Mark Driscoll talking about holding truth tightly while being relevant to the culture.

Bumped up from last July, because it is still relevant.

here is the page where you can download the entire message that the above video was advertising.


what she said

I was disgusted to hear on the news yesterday that a 34 year old man died in a Black Friday rush at a Wal Mart in New York. What a spectacle. What an illustration of this country’s complete decadence.

Here are Julie Neidlinger’s thoughts on the matter. I really like the way she puts it. If you aren’t reading her blog, you should be.

To live a life — parents who raised you, all your friends, family and experiences and heartaches and joys and sadness — and to take a job just for the Christmas season only to have people break down the doors of a discount store selling cheap crap and crush you underfoot while the stampede of greedy human beings pressed onward to buy stuff they do not need.

That people would break down the doors to get in.
That people would push on over another person.
That people who may have been caught up in the crowd and unable to stop the press then continued on to shop and not stop and do something.

For cheap electronics.
For toys that will be broken in a few months.
For clothes to be crammed in already-full closets.
For DVDs that will be watched once or twice.
For this, a man died.

what he said II

what he said. I just finished Ed’s book, Planting Missional Churches. Very good indeed.