UPDATE: Amos and Story

At her blog, Jamie Ivey has been posting updates regarding the integration of their two newest family members, Amos and Story, into the family. The latest update gives a glimpse into how difficult adoption can be.

Amos asks me every day why I love him. I’ll tell him I love him and he looks at me and says why do you love me? I hate this question. I have never had to explain this Cayden, Deacon or even Story. They have never questioned my love. Amos does daily. Not only in his heart, but he vocalizes it too.

pray for the Iveys as they love and parent these four precious children that God has given them. Pray for Amos to realize that he is here to stay with parents that love him simply because God gave him to them for that purpose.

see here for background information.


2 Responses

  1. I commented on her blog. It’s awaiting moderation. I read her blog and thought “how nice for her that Amos is telling her exactly what he thinks and feels”. Praise God that she doesn’t have to wonder what he is thinking!! I’m thankful, for both their sakes, that Jamie is not going to be blind to Amos’ heart.

  2. exactly. well said.

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