photoes on phridai

finally, at long last, I have some pictures for the last hour of this friday. From the Nikon F5, here are some taken with Fuji Velvia 50. I have been wanting to try this color saturated film for a while.

hedge on the Capitol grounds
shrubbery bokeh

messing with the sun in our front tree
leaves and sun

backlit flag
our flag

and a bonus view of Samson


photos on phriday

J Pete needed a portrait made.
at the Capitol

here is the bokehed view from the back mike at the Texas House
at the Capitol

and Natalie snagging a rebound at the last game
Lago Vista v. McNeil

photos on phriday

Too gray and wet for too many days for any picture taking this week. here are some oldies.

Moo goes camping last fall
Nikon F5 first roll

all this rain makes me think the bluebonnets are going to be great this year. I am ready for them to get here.

and this year in the bluebonnets, I will have the nikon F5 and Fuji velvia. hmmm
flowers at sunset

fotos on a Friday

trying Kodak Ektachrome 100G slide film in the Nikon F5.

love the 105mm and sun rays
in the sun

maximal bokeh
in the sun

sunset through the tree
Soft light

and Natalie being the “tall girl in the middle.”
mcneil v. georgetown

fridae fotoes

Natalie’s basketball team.
round rock v. mcneil

more depth of field experimentation

and I caught the grackels looking for a place to roost

fridai fotoes

It is so much fun to mess with depth of field.
pine cone

and sun rays.

and grass flash and sun.
Which one of these two? I think I like the less gold one better, but I am not sure.

phridae phoatoes

more black and white film from the Nikon F4e. this is ilford delta 400. I like the grain and contrast of it.

big yawn


the little Canon Powershot S90 is an exceptionally good point and shoot camera.