photoes on phridai

finally, at long last, I have some pictures for the last hour of this friday. From the Nikon F5, here are some taken with Fuji Velvia 50. I have been wanting to try this color saturated film for a while.

hedge on the Capitol grounds
shrubbery bokeh

messing with the sun in our front tree
leaves and sun

backlit flag
our flag

and a bonus view of Samson


fridae fotoes

Natalie’s basketball team.
round rock v. mcneil

more depth of field experimentation

and I caught the grackels looking for a place to roost

foto friday

messing around with bokeh and depth of field in the Parma’s grass.

This one with my 300mm f4 and water droplets on the grass
out and about at 300mm

and this one with my 80-200mm f2.8 and a leaf (new custom header picture)
leaf at f2.8

here is a two flash “strobist” take on decorative grass headers
two flash
sb800 to camera left about two feet from the grass. Sb800 on the camera about 6 or 7 feet from the grass. both flashes bare. both on TTL.

photo phriday

these weeds have been fascinating me and I finally got the chance to photograph them this week.
evening walk

evening walk

and I bought a canon point and shoot (powershot S90) to carry around for more spontaneous pictures. It is a great little camera.

photo phriday

Tuesday morning was very foggy misty and gray.
morning fog and drizzle

Tuesday afternoon was sunny and very bright.
afternoon sunshine

tried the 50 f1.4 for under the basket shots.
Lake Travis v. McNeil

phriday photos

cooling off
Katherine's wedding

cooling off a minute

long hot dry summer bokeh

foto friday

afternoon bokeh

Black and White sunstar
afternoon sun

Black and White dandelion
B&W flowers