How Sharp the Edge?

Here is the download and outline of Mark Driscoll’s talk this past weekend at the Desiring God National Conference.

I listened to it yesterday. Wow. It was great and convicting. As you can see from the outline, Mark said that pastors need to:
1. feed the sheep
2. rebuke the swine
3. shoot the wolves
4. bark at the dogs
5. pray for the shepherds.

Mark spent the biggest chunks of time on numbers 3 and 4. Shoot the wolves means to call out false teachers before they have a chance to harm the flock. As you can guess, this meant extended quotes from Matthew 23.

Bark at the dogs means to make fun of the religiously self-important people. To use ridicule and satire to show them how ridiculous they are.

The reason why pastors need to be ready and willing to shoot wolves and bark at dogs is love. Love for the targets who may only respond to that kind of jolt and love for the sheep who will be damaged by false teachers and religious rule keepers.

Like I said, great stuff. Well worth the wait.


3 Responses

  1. […] number three in that message is that we have a responsibility to shoot the wolves. As I mentioned here, shooting the wolves means to publicly call out false teachers before they have a chance to harm […]

  2. […] Mark Driscoll’s talk at last year’s Desiring God national conference. I reviewed it briefly here and linked to it. In the talk, Mark made the point that wolves are false teachers who prey upon the flock of God. […]

  3. […] such as McClaren’s need to be deconstructed and called out for the heresy that they are. As Mark Driscoll says, we have a duty to shoot the […]

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