effect of literature

Kevin DeYoung wonders what hath literature wrought?

I agree strongly with his conclusion:

I’ll take passionate and logical romantic rationalism over the tired tirades of false dichotomies any day.

plus, I enjoy his perfect parallel prose. anyone who reads here long knows that I adore appropriate alliteration.


Pedantic Pet Peeve 2

here is another thing that Julie and I have noticed to be on the increase.

sale is a noun. Sell is a verb.

for instance, I need to sell my trailer. (incidentally, it is a Big Tex 50LA. 16 feet, rails, hardly used. about two years old. I love my trailer and I love having a trailer, but I don’t use it enough to justify keeping it.)
or I could say that my trailer is for sale.

it is not correct to say that I need to sale my trailer.
nor is it correct to say that my trailer is for sell.

the former misusage is epidemic. everybody is trying to sale their houses and other stuff.

pedantic pet peeve

sorry about this, but Instapundit reminded of something I wanted to say now that I have a blog.

If you don’t win, you “lose.”
If something isn’t tight, it is “loose.”

If you consistently fail to achieve victory, then you are a “loser.”
If something is less tight than it was before, then it is “looser.”

Thank you for indulging me on this. you may now continue with your regularly scheduled internet surfing.