foto friday

messing around with bokeh and depth of field in the Parma’s grass.

This one with my 300mm f4 and water droplets on the grass
out and about at 300mm

and this one with my 80-200mm f2.8 and a leaf (new custom header picture)
leaf at f2.8

here is a two flash “strobist” take on decorative grass headers
two flash
sb800 to camera left about two feet from the grass. Sb800 on the camera about 6 or 7 feet from the grass. both flashes bare. both on TTL.


friday fotoes

these cool mornings feel very fallish. loving the change after a very long, very hot, very dry summer.
morning grass in autumn

capitol renovations are on the horizon. soon this will be covered up with scaffold.
capitol dome

Sunflower at 300mm

friday fotos

portrait from last Sunday’s wedding
Katherine's wedding

ninth grade football. nephew Joshua (be strong and courageous) playing linebacker for Midway Panthers.
Midway v. Vista Ridge (9th grade)

twin brother Nathan (thou art the man) sidelined with an ACL tear.
Midway v. Vista Ridge (9th grade)

foto friday

squirrel fight
shall we dance?

aggie bench bokeh
Aggie Bench and Tree Bokeh

golden light on the North side of the Capitol

phridae photoes

I love going to minor league ball games:
express v. red hawks on F4

minor league ball

minor league ball

foto friday

we went camping last weekend.

he caught one

these daisy looking flowers had less diameter than a dime
tiny flowers

waiting for a bite

perigree moon

closest biggest brightest most awesomest full moon of the year.
perigree moon
perigree moon