why me?

These are questions we tend to ask when things aren’t going the way we would desire for them to go.  Why me?  Why this? Why now?

Justin Taylor posts an answer tree from David Powlison, “God’s Grace and Your Sufferings,”  in Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (pp. 172-173)..

here is a paragraph from the middle, but you really have to go read and perhaps meditate on the whole thing

As that deeper question sinks home, you become joyously sane. The universe is no longer supremely about you. Yet you are not irrelevant. God’s story makes you just the right size. Everything counts, but the scale changes to something that makes much more sense. You face hard things. But you have already received something better which can never be taken away. And that better something will continue to work out the whole journey long.

I have the Kindle version of Suffering and the Sovereignty of God on my iPhone. Obviously, I need to read past the introduction.


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  1. I have read the kindle version and I have the book. It is good stuff. Need to read periodically. I have been praying for Matt Hodges. He is the 18 yr old son of one of the creators of Veggies Tales. He is recovering from TBI five months ago. He has made nowhere near the progress that the young Olympic snow boarder has made whose injury was more recent. I can imagine Matt’s parent’s saying “why?” , especially after this week’s setbacks. It’s hard to see the scale when you are caught up in the day to day struggle. We need books like “Suffering…” to help us refocus. Thanks for posting.

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