Jesus went after the one

powerful thoughts from Julie Neidlinger on helping others:

I have some guilt, I suppose, but I can see that that would serve no purpose except to cause me to do nothing. I’ve learned that guilt isn’t always a motivator from the conscience, but sometimes an excuse to wallow in inaction. I don’t understand God’s concept of fairness and how He doles out blessings and what it will all look like in the end, so I should just quit my philosophizing and do something in this moment to help.

My experiences in Nicaragua come to mind. I’ve dealt with the guilt dance down there time and time again, coming to the simple understanding that I must help who I can, when I can. It might not be everyone, but it matters to that one. “Jesus left the 99 sheep to find the missing one,” I lightly reminded a friend when our discussions on what to do to help veered into the territory of finding maximum use of our dollar, spreading it out as far as our fiscally reasonable minds would allow, or finding ways to help the most people though perhaps sacrificing a more personal care. “He wasn’t about helping the maximum amount. He went after one. He can take care of everyone. He just asks us to be faithful in the small things, the one.”

I also understand that it’s easier to help someone in need thousands of miles away instead of just a few blocks from my door. But Nicaragua served as a good teacher in telling me stop worrying about if I was getting taken for a ride and being lied to and using that as an excuse to withhold help, but instead, to see helping a person another way: the question isn’t about another person’s motives, but the condition of my heart. Will I, free and clear, answer the need presented to me, or will I question motives and try to determine if a person “deserves” my help?

emphasis added.

go read the rest.


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