Amos Story

new video released from Aaron Ivey.

Aaron is one of the worship leaders at the Austin Stone. He released an album last year Between the Beauty and the Chaos

Aaron and his wife Jamie embarked on the adoption of brother and sister Amos and Story from Haiti about two years ago. late last year, the paperwork was completed and Story made it home to Austin. Amos remains in Haiti waiting for the last stage of paperwork to be completed. He and the rest of the children in his orphanage survived the earthquake, but have been living outside for almost a week now. Pray for them to find a new place to stay and to have plenty of food and water supplied. Pray also for a miracle to allow Amos to get home soon.

This song and video is specifically about Aaron’s struggle to complete the process and get his children home. But do you see any metaphors here?


3 Responses

  1. Wow! A friend at church told me about this song as we were heading off to Siberia last week. It was 40 below zero and our luggage never made it. Awesome. We had been waiting a long time to go there and meet the daughter God told us to go and get. Now I’m doing more paperwork yet again to try and bring her home. I’m sure you know the drill. I encourage you and pray for Amos. I would love the chords, tabs, lyrics, whatever to this song. It would heal my soul just to play this.
    Another God-loving crazy adoptive parent living in Austin

  2. thanks Kris. Amos and Story are now home. Here is Jamie Ivey’s latest update on how things are going.

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