james cameron’s intent

let’s ask the man what he intended with Avatar. my emphasis added below.

the director with his star Zoe Saldana said that  “Avatar” — with its depiction of mineral exploitation on a distant planet and a cadre of trigger-happy mercenaries charged with instituting a scorched earth policy — is very much a political film.

But he rejected comments by critics that the film is un-American even if it is an allegory for American military forays.

“I’ve heard people say this film is un-American, while part of being an American is having the freedom to have dissenting ideas,” Cameron said, prompting loud applause from a capacity crowd at the ArcLight Hollywood.

“This movie reflects that we are living through war,” Cameron added. “There are boots on the ground, troops who I personally believe were sent there under false pretenses, so I hope this will be part of opening our eyes.”

Conservative commentators such as John Podhoretz and John Nolte have blasted the film in recent weeks. In “The Weekly Standard,” for instance, Podhoretz wrote, “The conclusion does ask the audience to root for the defeat of American soldiers at the hands of an insurgency. So it is a deep expression of anti-Americanism– kind of.”


The director said:  “I don’t know if there is a political agenda exactly, but as an artist I felt a need to say something about what I saw around me. I think we all need to take stewardship of our planet.”

“I think everyone should be a tree hugger,” Cameron added.

In creating the long limbed, blue skinned Na’vi, the aliens that lives in commune with the lush naturescape on the fictional planet Pandora, the director said he was attempting to create a race that was aspirational.

“The Na’vi represent the better aspects of human nature, and the human characters in the film demonstrate the more venal aspects of human nature,” Cameron said.

So it appears that James Cameron was trying to do what he appeared to be trying to do and that he was intending to make the statement that he appeared to be intending to make.

HT to Hot Air.


Cameron tells Entertainment Weekly he is also fine with his movie being a recruiting tool for eco-terrorists. he “believes” in eco-terrorism. (maybe he was joking? maybe?)

EW asked Cameron to respond to some of the criticisms aimed at “Avatar.” Check out how he responded to this one:

EW: “Avatar” is the perfect eco-terrorism recruiting tool.”

JC: Good, good. I like that one. I consider that a positive review. I believe in ecoterrorism.”


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