Book of Eli

Julie and I went to see the Book of Eli yesterday evening. it was a rollicking good time and such a pleasure to have our faith not ridiculed and instead treated respectfully.

It was an ordinary run of the mill B action movie except for two major things. number one is that Denzel Washington was the main character and Gary Oldman was the bad guy. great actors both and they both brought the star powers. number two was that Eli’s book was a Bible and Eli’s mission was given to him by God.

It was pretty clear that Denzel with his personal faith in Jesus had shaped the movie. This article from Canada confirms it.

Denzel Washington’s latest role in “The Book of Eli” has him playing a wanderer in a nuclear war-ravaged America who leans on his Bible for guidance, and the actor says if he was in that situation, he’d do exactly the same.

The movie, which opens in U.S. theaters on Friday, blends elements of old-style Hollywood westerns, in the form of desolate landscapes and frontier towns, and Old Testament spirituality — a change for Hollywood studios which tend to avoid religious themes in modern, big-budget action flicks.
For “The Book of Eli,” Washington worked on the script with directors Albert and Allen Hughes for weeks, playing out scenes and fine-tuning dialogue until it all sounded right to him.

“I don’t think there’s anybody in this business, anybody in that $20 million movie star (range), who puts that kind of work into it,” said Albert Hughes.

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here is a full movie review from John Nolte of Big Hollywood.

“The Book of Eli” isn’t just Christian, it’s off-the-rails Christian … literally. Heathens might as well hit the lobby at the end of the second act because the final act is all about the faith. You’re more than welcome to stick around, but I have a feeling those of you with red strings tied ‘round your wrist will be checking your watch for the last twenty-minutes. Not we Bible-thumpers, though. That’s when it all comes together; and it’s moving and smart and best of all, not some hyper-reverent snoozer.

anyways it was an enjoyable evening with good friends and good entertainment.


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