egomaniacal God

John Piper’s message to Passion 2010 is excellent.

(BTW, one of the photographers at Passion 2010 this year was my Austin Stone peep and fellow photographer, Scott A. Wade. He is so talented. love his work. I won a family picture session from him in a drawing that I need to collect at some point.)

Back to Piper’s message. Is God unacceptably egotistical? why or why not? what is all this business about seeking all this glory for himself?

I love this condensed version of the whole story and point of creation. please go read the whole thing. here in a nutshell is why this question is so important:

God’s God-Centeredness as the Test

What I have found in my own life, and in the life of many others, is that God’s God-centeredness is the test of whether our own God-centeredness is real: Do I rejoice in God’s unwavering commitment to uphold and display his glory—do I rejoice in God’s God-centeredness? Or am I God-centered only because deep down I believe God is man-centered, so that my supposed God-centeredness is really man-centeredness, even me-centeredness?

Does my opposition to God’s God-centeredness reveal that my supposed God-centeredness is just a cover for wanting myself at the center, and the use of God to endorse that because he is so centered on me?


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