Les Lanphere

I found Les Lanphere’s blog through Twitter (@llanphere).

He has been doing a series showing God’s sovereignty in everything and especially in salvation in each non-Pauline epistle of the New Testament in order to show that this doctrine is not something that only Paul writes about. Interesting stuff.

I would also recommend three posts of his for those of you struggling with the sovereignty of God in salvation.

1. Why is Reformed Theology so Hard to Accept? where he explores these questions a bit:

So why? Why did I get so upset? Why is the idea of a God who chooses certain people over others so offensive, when the Bible we read every day is crammed full of situation where God does just that? How did I go 6 years, knowing this God, yet never truly understanding how the Bible clearly says He interacts with man?

2. The Basics: Does God Choose to Save Certain People? where he looks at this issue:

One thing any Bible believing Christian must agree on is that some people go to Hell when they die. God’s just wrath against some sinners is not forgiven, and they take the wrath themselves. If Jesus died so that people could be saved, and God is powerful enough to do whatever He wants, why doesn’t He make everyone go to Heaven? Do people go to Hell because they just didn’t make the right decision?

and 3. Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before I was Reformed in which he looks at:

Not only has reformed theology opened my eyes to new things, but it’s cleared up so many thing that I believed, but I never really understood.


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