“yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

or as Kansas says:

Now, don’t hang on
nothing last forever
but the earth and sky
it slips away

And all your money
won’t another minute buy

Dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

Matt Chandler got the word on Tuesday that his brain tumor was malignant.

Here is what he tweeted before knowing the results:

Path report is 2ndary at best…good report doesn’t mean much, bad report doesn’t mean anything…my days r numbered and nt by ths report
12:10 PM Dec 15th from TweetDeck

and here is what he tweeted afterward:

why not me? Why not you?
about 13 hours ago from TweetDeck

and here is what JR Vasser wrote on the difference between desire and hope yesterday after hearing the news. Go read the whole thing.

I am praying with great desire. My desire is that God would heal Matt, hand him to Lauren and the kids to be her husband and their daddy, restore him to the pulpit, empower him to preach his heart out for the magnification of Jesus, and one day let him play with his grandkids. I think God wants me to desire those things and ask Him for them, knocking until my knuckles bleed, making it clear to God how I desire Him to respond. And, those desires are good. But those desires are different than our hope.

If our lives are but a mist that vanishes after a “little while” then we should probably be wise in how we spend our “little while.”

John Piper gave a series of messages in 2008 about not wasting our lives. Use some of your allotted time to listen to them. It will be well worth it. I especially liked his “don’t waste your robbery” illustration but all of it is very good.


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  1. faulty link above on “series of messages in 2008”. 😦

  2. fixed it. sorry about that.

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