health care

Nancy Pelosi has pulled out an armtwistinghardballnoholdsbarredrazorthinpartisan “victory” in passing a plan for the Government to take over all of our health care decisions. Notice the bipartisan nature of the opposition.

anyway, check out this very important Wall Street Journal editorial on the bill and what it means if it passes the Senate.

Let no one suggest this was the “bipartisan” health reform that Mr. Obama has long promised.

The bill is instead a breathtaking display of illiberal ambition, intended to make the middle class more dependent on government through the umbilical cord of “universal health care.” It creates a vast new entitlement, financed by European levels of taxation on business and individuals. The 20% corner of Medicare open to private competition is slashed, while fiscally strapped states are saddled with new Medicaid burdens. The insurance industry will have to vet every policy with Washington, which will regulate who it must cover, what it can offer, and how much it can charge.

go read the rest and start hoping that the Blanche Lincoln’s and Mary Landrieu’s of the world have better sense than to further this thing along.


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