PocketBible for iPhone

I have been using Laridian’s PocketBible software on my PDA then phones for a long long time. I used it on my old Handspring Visors, my Treo300 phone, my Treo600, my samsung PPC6500 (windows Mobile), and even on my Windows computer. For powerful Bible software on the go, it has been a dream. Lots of good selections on Bibles and other books to purchase. Very well integrated. just a dream. Love it.

The only drawback to getting an iPhone was losing my PocketBible software. For almost 2 years, I haven’t had it. Other solutions that became available when the Apple App Store became a reality were not nearly as good. The web based subscription that Laridian devised was ok, but not nearly good enough.

(by the way, Logos is the way to go for desktop bible software. I have also been using it for years on Windows and Mac computers. Again user friendly, intuitive, lots of books. Tom Ascol’s review of Logos for Mac is here.)

finally Laridian has released (been approved by the Apple Store) PocketBible for iPhone. I cannot adequately express how happy this makes me. I messed with it for a good long while last night and I can report to you that it is very nicely done. functionality is fairly intuitive. All of the Bibles and books that I had previously purchased were easy to access and download. (I did have some trouble because the Laridian servers were getting hit pretty hard yesterday, but I succeeded in downloading everything to the phone).

I feel like my old friends are back in my shirt pocket where they belong.

anyway, the price is free for the software and some free (noncopyrighted) books. Give it a go. See if you don’t like it.

Laridian press release with link:

PocketBible has been approved for sale on the App Store. Depending on where you live, it might be available already. Search the App Store for PocketBible or try this link.

Of course, PocketBible for the iPhone will work with all of your PocketBible books and Bibles. And here’s the best news — it’s FREE!

Yes, you can download and install PocketBible for no cost on the App Store!

Naturally, you can add additional books and Bibles to your PocketBible library and use them with PocketBible for iPhone. Simply select the Order Form link above. Once you’ve made your purchase, launch PocketBible on your iPhone or iPod touch and select the Menu button, then “Add / Remove Books”. Enter your customer ID (or email address) and password to download books directly into PocketBible!

PocketBible for iPhone requires OS 3, so if you’ve not yet updated your iPhone or iPod Touch to this latest version of the operating system, you may want to do that soon.


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