Prosperity Gospel is a false Gospel

after reading this from Dr. Mohler, I think that I am beginning to understand why John Piper hates the prosperity gospel so intensely.

The New York Times took note of the fact that the current recession and financial distress did not keep the crowd from attending the Southwest Believers’ Convention. The event is part of the ministry of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, described by Laurie Goodstein as the “current patriarch and matriarch” of the prosperity gospel. The paper summarized their message as the promise that if an individual has sufficient faith in God and donates generously, God will reward that generosity by multiplying the offerings a hundredfold.

Those who might curtail their donations during the recession were warned of the spiritual consequences. “Fear it will make you stingy,” said Kenneth Copeland.
Prosperity theology is a False Gospel. Its message is unbiblical and its promises fail. God never assures his people of material abundance or physical health. Instead, Christians are promised the riches of Christ, the gift of eternal life, and the assurance of glory in the eternal presence of the living God.

maddening. taking money from people who don’t have it using a lie and a cheap substitute for the Gospel.

here is John Piper again in case you haven’t seen it.


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  1. We had the same thoughts on this post … almost exactly the same post. Thanks for covering Dr. Mohler’s article too!

  2. Hey Randy, good to hear from you. Well done on yours too.

  3. […] more here from Dr. Mohler and John Piper being more strident on this topic. […]

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