Carl Trueman points to this slashing article regarding the twitter and facebook impulse? truth or over the top?

from page two of the article comes this bit:

Well, indeed. For Twitter to be patronised by young people, it would need to be far more purposeful than it is, more pragmatically useful. But instead, it was dreamed up by — and used almost exclusively by — the most self-obsessed, narcissistic, self-important generation that ever walked this earth, the generation which is forever poised just outside the confessional ready to divulge personal information of great weight to the whole world (‘I have just tied up my shoelaces. I did the right one first. And then the left’).

go read the whole thing. Now, what do you think? I think he is definitely pointing out something very real that is occurring, but at the same time there is a human element that cuts through the mostly mundane crap.

I believe that good information gets shared, but is it drowning in the noise and chatter of the vacuous?

I have been glued to @suzhalliburton ‘s twitter feed the last couple of weeks to keep up with Lance Armstrong at the tour de france. surely that is worth something.


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