continuing his spiritual gift series, Mark Driscoll has posted on the gift of leadership.

Spiritual Gift of Leadership Defined

The spiritual gift of leadership is found in people who have a clear, significant vision from God and are able to communicate it publicly or privately in such a way that they influence others to pursue that vision.

People with the Gift of Leadership

These people tend to gravitate toward the “point position” in a ministry. Others tend to have trust and confidence in their abilities. They best serve others by leading them. They tend to operate with a strong sense of destiny.


Do You Have This Gift?

  • Do others have confidence in your ability to lead?
  • Do you enjoy being the “final voice” or the one with the overall responsibility for the direction and success of a group or organization?
  • When a difficult situation arises, do others look to you for input and leadership?
  • Do you usually take leadership in a group where none exists?
  • Do you find leadership enjoyable rather than frustrating and difficult?
  • Do others look to you to make the major decisions for a group or organization?

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