wow!! now this is photography

Check out these awesome pictures and blog post from a fellow Aggie.

So my second technique was using a high ISO to capture as many stars as I could inside the exposure. So how I did that was I cranked up my ISO to about 3200-4000. Side Note: The 5d Mark ii (which is the camera I use) have incredible capabilities and I really got to test them in this shot. Using a high ISO is like using really really fast film back in the day. I set the exposure to about thirty seconds with a low aperture and I can distinctly remember looking at the photo right after I took the first shot and literally my jaw dropping. I hadn’t even seen it in the sky but above the barn was the Milky Way. Those moments were so incredible! I started photographing more and more.

emphasis in original

and then a bit later in the post:

While I was out there in this field in Reagan, Tx I couldn’t help but be still and recognize God. I laid down on my back for  a good twenty minutes and looked back at this year and how he has been using me to bring Glory to Him. How I have had the opportunity to meet random people, travel to the middle east(Qatar), sit in a field and wonder at his creation. As I sit staring at the countless number of starts I couldn’t help but be filled with Christ’s presence. Christ is indescribable.

again, emphasis in original

here is Doug’s Flickr page. check it out.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Thanks for putting this up on your blog. I really appreciate it.

    P.s. There is a lot of great writings on here.

  2. you are welcome. Thank you for your testimony and great pictures.

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