singing my song

Joe Thorn is singing my song. I love to sing and I firmly believe there is a song for every occasion. Singing is a wonderful way to express thoughts, fears, feelings, hopes, concerns, dreams. Sometimes when no song lyrics come to mind, I will make them up. My kids feel like they live in a musical sometimes.

here’s a bit of Joe. be sure and read the rest to see his suggested remedy when you don’t feel like singing.

People sing about the things that capture their hearts, things that give them joy, or allow them to express sorrow. People sing of heroes, victory, longing, and hope. Does anyone have more reasons to sing than you? As a sinner who has been forgiven, a slave who has been set free, a blind man who has received sight, a spiritual cripple who has been healed – all by the gospel, you have real reasons to be known as a man of song!


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