mega church research

Catalyst has posted some research findings related to the attenders of mega churches. Go to the their post for links to the source material, but here are the findings that Catalyst posted.


Nearly two-thirds of megachurch attenders are under 45 years old, as compared to only one-third for all protestant churches (62 percent vs. 35 percent).

Nearly a third of megachurch attenders are single, unmarried persons. In a typical church, singles account for just 10 percent of the congregation.

Megachurch attenders are both more educated and more affluent than attenders at other churches.

The majority of megachurch attenders are not necessarily new to Christianity, but nearly a quarter had not recently been in another church before coming to a megachurch.

While newcomers almost always attend a megachurch at the invitation of family, friends or co-workers, the real attraction tends to be the church’s reputation, worship style and senior pastor.

Long-term attendance flows from an appreciation for the church’s music/arts, social and community outreach, and adult-oriented programs.

45 percent of megachurch attenders never volunteer at the church.


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