Mark Driscoll has a post on the spiritual gift of teaching.

The Spiritual Gift of Teaching Defined

The gift of teaching is the God-given ability to understand and communicate biblical truth in a clear and relevant manner so that there is understanding and application.

People with the Gift of Teaching

Learning, researching, communicating, and illustrating truth are qualities that an individual will manifest when exercising the gift of teaching. These people enjoy studying and learning new information, and find great joy in sharing it with others. The format of teaching varies from one-on-one discipleship to formal classes, informal Bible studies, large groups, and preaching, which is a form of teaching.

Do You Have This Gift?

Do you enjoy studying and researching?
Do you enjoy imparting biblical truth to others?
Do others come to you for insight into Scripture?
When you teach, do people “get it”?
When you see someone confused in their understanding of the Bible do you feel a responsibility to speak to them about it?
Do you enjoy speaking to various sizes of groups about biblical issues you have strong convictions about?

so what do you think? is this your gift?


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