speaking of music

The contemporary christian music business is suffering.

An extraordinary number of things have worked against the Christian music in recent years, even before the recession—starting with illegal downloads. (Yes, even Christians steal music.) There was some relief when Christian music found its way into stores like Target and Wal-Mart, but sales didn’t increase much, and Christian bookstores were hurt. Radio found a formula and a target audience, but record labels, feeling the pinch and afraid to take risks, focused so much on that target that music became homogenized. Now radio is pinched as well.

The camel’s knees are starting to buckle. But is the recession enough to break the entire industry?

that is the introduction to a very interesting 5 (short) page article. Take a look at the whole thing. some very interesting tidbits in there about the life of music artists and how much they make from selling their music.

hat tip to Challies.


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  1. This is my favorite quote from the article. It is the message that ALL of us need to realize…with EVERY FIBER OF WHO WE ARE.

    “We’ve all had to bend our knee to God’s sovereignty in all this. God is saying, ‘You be faithful with the gifts I’ve given you. I’ll decide what reaches people and what doesn’t.’ All of us admitting our weakness and bending our knee to that has been a very positive thing. As an industry in general, I think we’ve turned more to God to sustain us than to ourselves.”

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