Zach is thankful for Mark Driscoll

Zach of Vitamin Z is thankful for Mark Driscoll.

Most people know that Mark is known for his strong push for men to act like Biblical men. Sometimes I feel that this crosses the line and could give people the impression that he believes a real man has to be a fist pounding, beer drinking, UFC loving, likes to fight kind of guy. I know this is not Mark’s intention, (which he explicitly stated last night) but I fear that it could be heard that way by some.

But… I know why Mark stresses these things with such intensity and I completely agree that it is a huge need in our Christian culture. As he says, “You get the men, you win the war”. I know this is true and I am thankful for Mark leading so many broken men in Seattle and beyond into loving their wives well, loving and teaching their kids well, and stepping up to lead in the church well.

Go check out the rest at the link above.

In other words, Mark Driscoll is the opposite (masculine) influence to the dominant Christian culture as reflected in The Shack (completely feminine).

I am thankful for Mark Driscoll as well.


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