the Good News of Recession

Matt Carter is doing a sermon series at the Austin Stone Community Church on the Biblical christian response to trials and suffering. I have listened to the April 26 message twice already and I highly recommend it. I have downloaded the May 3 one and I will listen to it on the way to work this morning.

Like Matt says. The one thing the believers have the power to do differently than the rest of the world is to “suffer well.” and like Piper says: that makes God look glorious.


3 Responses

  1. While I don’t agree with everything Piper says, he hits it on the head here. However, several the other videos listed as “related” are troublesome to me, no doubt posted by “heresy hunters.”

  2. I miss you. Doing well? Can we meet halfway somewhere for dinner or something? With our spouses… What do you think?

  3. miss you too. we are doing pretty well. still covered up by boxes and the Session is getting to really intense crunch time, but well.

    love to meet for supper sometime.

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