Hate Well

Joe Thorn reminds us that as Christians we need to “hate well”.

If you follow Jesus, cherish the gospel, and love God and neighbor you will hate well. If you do not hate, you will find yourself more susceptible to temptation, slower to respond to corruption, and unmotivated to contend for the faith. Hate is a real part of your faith – don’t forget it.

go read the rest to see what he is talking about.

4 Responses

  1. That is the biggest contradiction in terms I have ever seen

  2. I know. isn’t it jarring? but so true.

    Having looked into the pain filled eyes of a person whose spouse believed the Lie and cheated, I can truly say that I hate with a massive passion both the deceit and the deceiver. I hate that people I love have been lied to and hurt. I hate that I fall into the same snares myself.

  3. Love your neighbour as yourself.
    Love your enemy.
    You will reap what you sow.
    If you do not love all then you are incapable of being Whole/Holy.

    Call yourself a Christian?

  4. Of course I call myself a Christian. Do you? Did you read the verse that Joe referenced? did you even read Joe’s post?

    Am I supposed to love Satan? I am supposed to love his works?

    My only enemy doesn’t have a body and I hate him.

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