importance of a building

Resurgence is continuing its series on Pitfalls in church planting. the latest installment reminds folks to not underestimate the importance of a permanent building.

Most churches double in size the weekend they move from being mobile to a more permanent building. People are also less prone to give faithfully to a church that’s mobile. They don’t know if it will be there in two months, so why sacrifice? But with a permanent location, you have much more credibility with attendees and the city you are trying to reach.

when the author above says “more permanent” he means a rented storefront or office space where the church remains “set up” between services. he does not mean a separate and owned church building.

Do you agree with the idea that permanence enhances attendance and giving? why or why not?

Having attended quite a few mobile churches in the last year, I can attest to “lack of credibility” with attendees. One of the churches that we attended actually folded up and went away. Another seems like it will soon because it is on track to receive much less than half the budget this year.


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