800 British buses carry a message paid for by British atheists. The winning persuasive message?

“There’s probably no God,” the advertisements say. “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

first of all the “probably” is funny. nothing quite like having the courage of your convictions. at least it is honest. Honest atheists admit that they can’t prove there is no God.

Then the juxtaposition of worry and enjoyment. As if the presence of God leads to worry and lack of enjoyment for folks who believe in him. on the contrary, God liberates us from worry and allows us to to truly enjoy life.

I would say that the atheist who happened upon this slogan may be open to becoming a christ follower. in fact, this may actually be a subversive attempt by a christian copy writer at an advertising firm to spread the gospel.

Hat tip to Al Mohler again who says:

I must admit that I find the British campaign nearly humorous. In any event, it is certainly not threatening to the Christian message. No one is really likely to be converted to atheism by seeing a sign on a bus — and almost certainly not by a sign that declares that “there’s probably no God.” Probably?

In some sense, this campaign almost looks like a joke on atheists planned and performed by believers in God. The use of the word “probably” does more to demonstrate the weakness of the atheistic argument than could ever be done by outright condemnations of atheism.


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  1. I read this article the other day. I wasn’t even remotely offended, because it truly is laughable. They are so bound and determined to make believers into moronic zealots, yet atheists themselves can’t unabashedly vow there is no God.

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