More Pursuit of God

another quote from Tozer’s first chapter that precedes the one I mentioned below by a few sentences says:

The continuous and unembarrassed interchange of love and thought between God and the soul of the redeemed man is the throbbing heart of New Testament religion.

Isn’t that a marvelous summation of our passionate pursuit of God in response to his passionate pursuit of us?

Some questions arise though. Have you ever experienced such an interchange of love and thought with God, no matter how briefly?

if so, are you finding such periods to be increasing over time in length and numerosity?

If not, why not? have you examined yourself to determine whether or not you are in the faith?

If you only experienced such an interchange once or with decreasing frequency over time, have you begged God for a reawakening of your first love? why not? Why not do so right now?

often our own sin blocks this supernatural communion. David describes this unconfessed condition as having his bones dry up groaning day and night with his strength dried up.

once he confessed, then he was “blessed” (happy) again. he could be glad in the Lord and rejoice. psalm 32:1-2 and 11. David’s advice to us is that we shouldn’t stubbornly persist in our unconfessed state like a mule. That mule then has to be forcibly turned with a bit and bridle.

So confess your sins and return to God with all your heart. The joyful passionate interchange of love and thought with God is waiting.


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  1. Pursuit of God is a great book indeed. However we have a tendancy to read for knowledge and not for the renewing our minds, and transformation of our lives. There are so few Christians in the Western world who are passionately pursing God. I’ve just posted Chapter 2 summary of Pursuit of God on our blog. Amazing stuff.

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