a bit of Tim Keller

Darryl Dash interviews Tim Keller here and here. they are short and interesting so go take a look.

here is a tease from part 1:

The evangelical Church is bitterly divided into groups that say, either we should change the culture “one heart at a time” by evangelizing individuals, or we should change the culture by penetrating the cultural institutions with Christians operating out of a biblical world-view.

Others say we will only affect the culture if the Church contextualizes—connects to people’s needs and concerns and serves the poor and needy—while still others say we shouldn’t be trying to change culture at all; we should just “be the Church,” because trying to change the culture inevitably corrupts the Church into the image of the culture.

Until we can break through these warring views and factions we are in trouble

go read against whom he thinks the different factions are reacting, and then go read part two for his proposed solution. fascinating.

hat tip to Between Two Worlds.

One Response

  1. Love this part:

    Whether you raise a child Lutheran, Muslim or Baptist the child at some point will have to choose to make the faith of his parents his or her own. In other words, they will have to have a conversion experience.

    When revival breaks out through a recovery of the gospel, three things happen:

    1. nominal church members realize they’d never been converted;
    2. sleepy, lethargic Christians are energized and renewed;
    3. outsider non-Christians are attracted into the beautified worship, community and lives of the converted and renewed church members.

    That’s how it works. We need it.

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