ouch, from the Onion

ouch! go take a look at this from the Onion and wince. It is satire, so maybe a little over the top, but too close to home on too many fronts.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let the actions of a vocal few color your perceptions about what the majority of us are like.

Like me. I may be a Christian, but it’s not like I’m one of those wacko “love your neighbor as yourself ” types.

God forbid!

I’m here to tell you there are lots of Christians who aren’t anything like the preconceived notions you may have. We’re not all into “turning the other cheek.” We don’t spend our days committing random acts of kindness for no credit. And although we believe that the moral precepts in the Book of Leviticus are the infallible word of God, it doesn’t mean we’re all obsessed with extremist notions like “righteousness” and “justice.”

My faith in the Lord is about the pure, simple values: raising children right, saying grace at the table, strictly forbidding those who are Methodists or Presbyterians from receiving communion because their beliefs are heresies, and curing homosexuals. That’s all. Just the core beliefs. You won’t see me going on some frothy-mouthed tirade about being a comfort to the downtrodden.

there is much more at the link above.

Hat tip to catablog.

by the way, check out the comments on this post by Tom Ascol to see some of the thinking lampooned above. Look closely at the comments by Baptist Theology (Dr. Malcom Yarnell). very eye opening point of view. Starting with his “handle”. “Baptist theology”?


3 Responses

  1. Ouch is right. A very painful pill to swallow. May God allow our lives to rise above the rightfully earned stereotype.

  2. indeed, Melody. Indeed.

  3. […] us out as sheep amongst wolves and to therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves? Is it perhaps to love our neighbors as ourselves? What does such love look like in the face of the tyranny described […]

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