note to self

here is the Ikonograph describing how he preaches the Gospel to himself.

this sounds eminently edifying.

Preaching the gospel to myself has served to encourage me in my putting to death the deeds of the flesh, as well as cementing the truth of the one and only, true gospel. Here are a few of the things that have been confirmed in my mind:

I am a sinner. If I was any different, the sheer weight of my guilt and shame over my sin would be enough to change my behavior. The fact that I persist in sin can mean nothing other than that I am reprobate to my very core.
If I am to change, someone else must change me.
If someone else is to change me, it can only be God, for He is the only person who is not corrupt Himself.
If He is just, He must judge my sin, and yet a human must be judged.
Christ is the only one who fits both pairs of shoes.

go read the rest


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