a word from Mark Driscoll

here is a word from Mark Driscoll:

If you look at porn, have looked at porn, or know someone that looks at porn—download this book, print it out, and read it.

This book is now available to download and print as many copies as you like. It’s short and should be cheap to print. We’ll be making the book available for purchase soon.

A Few Ideas
Get a few friends together and deal honestly with each other about the subjects of each chapter.
Once you’re done reading, pass it on to a friend.
Give it to the counseling pastor at your church as a resource.

only 56 pages long. quick read, but nothing easy about it.


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  1. […] are struggling with pornography, then do yourself a favor and read the free pdf book linked to in this post. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Science […]

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