another one

yet another shining entry into the increasingly crowded “you don’t replace something with nothing files.”

Just wow. I don’t know how it is possible to even parody something so incredibly extreme and foolish.

Hat tip to Jonah Goldberg. As he says, there is “nothing remotely creepy” about this, nothing at all.

UPDATE: the reformed chicks babbling wonder….

I wonder if Obama’s disciples will rip off all our Christian hymns? How about, “A Mighty Fortress is our Barack?” Or “The Solid Barack?” Or “A Barack that Stands Forever?” Or “All Hail the Power of Obama’s Name?” I could do this all day 🙂 The possibilities are endless, there’s 2,000 years worth of songs sung to our Savior to rip off.

UPDATE II: Jonah also embedded the video on his Liberal Fascism blog where he put up an email from a democratic acquaintance that says in part:

But what makes all this worship ultimately an “Obamination” is two-part. One, it transparently reveals the secular Left’s need for some form of religion – be it environmentalism or Obama-worship. And two, these types of Obama videos, protester activity, etc. is the most frightening realization of your book Liberal Fascism. The smiling jackbooted totalitarians who under a smiley face stamp on your face for daring to question their status quo.

emphasis added.

The first point above is why I keep saying that this phenomenon proves that you don’t replace something with nothing.

UPDATE III: Check this out from DailyKos via Gateway Pundit

Entitled “what if Obama is the second coming of Jesus Christ?”

I’m not a religious person however I’d like to point out a funny irony that would be better suited for a cartoonist.

What if all of the religious nuts were bashing the second coming of their Christ and they didn’t even know it? Fathered by a Kenyan Muslim profit who left after his task was done. To seed a woman who in the heartland of America(a country who “is losing its way”). Then takes him on a journey of awaking across the world, then back home to spread the word of the lord through a process of education an then actions in the community.

The bible says “the lord shall come as a man whom blind followers will not see”.

So next time you run into a religious nut and they start talking about all of this deep mystical Muslim / African non-sense. Just remind them where Jesus came from, and where the human race came from. Then make up a bible quote like the one I posted above.

emphasis added.

at least they admit the quote is made up.

Weird weird times.


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