a useful reminder

here is a useful reminder from Stephen Nichols. He is returning to the same theme that I pointed out here.

Stephen says in part:

Now back to the Red and Blue divide. What will it take? It will take a view of the comprehensiveness of the gospel that keep us from the temptation to hitch our wagon to a political party of political ideology–whether it be on the right or one the left. Until we get past that we’ll make divides in the body of Christ where there should be none. The “we” I’m talking about here is not the “we” of Americans. I’m talking about the “we” of the visible manifestation of the body Christ within the boundaries of the United Sates.
So to answer some potential objectors. I’m all for engaging issues, and some issues, pro-life, do matter more than others. But when will we realize that political parties represent ideologies that have far more in them than a few issues that we (rightfully) care about? To hitch our wagon to a political party, and sometimes we attribute messianic qualities to these parties and their candidates, is not the right direction for the church.

much more at the link. don’t miss his conclusion.


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