ESV Study Bible is out

the ESV Study Bible is out. Westminster Bookstore has them at a good discount. Calfskin appears to have already sold out. that brown trutone is looking pretty good.


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  1. Okay-yes, right up front, this is a shameless appeal, but I think it’s helpful to get this Bible into as many Christians hands as possible for such a good price.

    I was able to review a copy yesterday and I thoroughly enjoy it! I got the Tru-Tone Natural Brown and I must say, it’s a beautiful Bible! I’ve used the ESV Reformation Bible since it came out. This new ESV Study Bible is different enough to make a good companion.

    The bookstore I work for, Scripture Truth Book Co. will have the ESV Study Bible available starting tomorrow, Oct. 15th for the following prices:

    ESV Study Hardcover- $32.99
    ESV Study Tru Tone Brown- $52.49
    ESV Study Gen Black- $62.99

    Our shipping rates are very reasonable. No more than $4-6 dollars, depending upon the price.

    Chris Griffith

  2. Chris, well done advertisement. I hope that you sell a bunch of them. I think it is important to get this resource into as many hands as possible.

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