meditations on life

Todd Hiestand is meditating on life as a big room gradually illuminated by a series of light bulbs. It is well worth a read. Here is a bit from the middle:

As the lights continue to illuminate the room, both the moments of joy and the moments of pain become more and more powerful. Unfortunately, it’s a simple fact of life. There is no getting away from it. In the ideal world our maturity grows as all lights go on and we wade into the rest of the room slowly. This “wading in” would give us time to take in the good and make it a little more possible to maturely process the bad. Of course, the world is rarely ideal and even when it is, the pain can still run deep.

Far too often however, the room doubles or triples in size before us when we are really only able to handle another few feet of light. We call these moments: times of tragedy.

what do you think? I sometimes think of life as the accumulation of scar tissue. Other times I think of it as expanding and contracting concentric circles.

all of it is preparation for the reality that this life is not the end of the road. It is merely preparation for the real thing to follow.

As my coach used to say, you play like you practice. How are you using this life’s practice time for the game to come?

Look at the parable of the shrewd manager that Jesus gave in Luke 16. What does it add to this discussion, if anything?


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