are you a church planter

The director of Acts 29, a church planting network, has a post up listing 20 characteristics of church planters. Here is the link to a more detailed PDF of the same material.

Not all churches have a vision for church planting and few have insight into what a church planter looks like. Our church leaders should be able to spot a church planter and then send him to plant as soon as he is ready.

I did a survey of pastors associated with a church planting movement in 52 countries of the world and asked them to describe the characteristics of a church planter. In order, they said 1) Leader/Visionary, 2) Missionary heart, 3) Preacher, 4) Generalist (can do many things as the lone pastor) and 5) Family Man (NewFrontiers July 2008 non-scientific survey conducted by Scott Thomas).

Love this post and article. In the pdf, Scott takes a good hard look at the biblical qualifications for Elders in the church. Very good stuff.

So, do you have what it takes? ready to change the world? ready to charge hell with a watergun?

hat tip to Chris Marlow.


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