clothing tips

here are some clothing tips for ministers, but they are equally applicable for all men who have to actually dress up on occasion.

the whole thing is an informative article, but I like these quick hits toward the end:

Take off your sportcoat or suit coat before riding in a car. Otherwise you will crumple the lower half of the coat like an accordion.

Retire your coat when the elbows or bottoms of the sleeves get shiny. The same is true when the seat of the pants gets shiny.

Invest in a clothes steamer. The travel size is adequate and inexpensive. Most do a great job removing wrinkles from hard-to-iron items, like suits.

Shave your neck. Most men need to do this between haircuts. Unshaven necks are unsightly and soil the collar of your dress shirts more quickly.

Ask well-dressed Christian men for advice, or search online for “clothing tips for men,” etc., though the latter’s perspective can be worldly.

Hat tip to Between the Times.


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