the importance of Bible Study

I had a question this week about why we need to spend time studying theology. My answer was that a right view of God is necessary when a storm comes into our lives and destroys something. At that point of loss do we think that God “allowed” it or do we think that God “intended” it in His perfect sovereign will? The former view implies that God might have stopped it if we had been better people, prayed harder, had more faith etc. The latter accepts that God’s plan is perfect and that it is all encompassing and that it is righteous holy and just.

Anyway, I say all that to say that we must study (be diligent, exercise great effort) to show ourselves approved as workmen (and women) who aren’t ashamed.

here is some of what Said at Southern says on this topic.

But people will be most evangelistic when they are equipped according to the model of Ephesians 4, and that equipping includes rigorous and substantive Bible study. When believers are most convinced of the authority and relevance of Scripture, we become the most effective in evangelizing.
The tendency of most churches is to focus most of their educational energies on children and youth. But Scripture tells us not to neglect the edification of the adult saints, either. Adults who do not regularly feed on the meat of God’s word will find that they have become stunted in their spiritual growth. It is the church’s responsibility that the Bible study it provides its members is the best possible.

Go read all of the post for ideas on curriculum and settings to encourage adults to engage fully with the text of scripture.


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