Tough Language

Why did John Piper invite Mark Driscoll to address the topic of harsh language in preaching at the power of words national conference? Let him tell you.

Hat tip to Nathan Busenitz who has more to say on the topic of pastoral use of harsh language and sarcasm.

And so, contends Driscoll, pastors today not only can, but should, use provocative and offensive speech because that is how God’s spokesmen have communicated at times in the past.

But does this line of argumentation really justify the kind of harsh language that has earned Driscoll a reputation for being “bold, brash, sarcastic, opinionated, and blunt,” “intentionally irreverent,” and comfortable using “language that will offend those whose scruples are sensitive”?

Nathan then gives three reasons why he believes the answer to his question is “no”. (the third one is the best of them).

Go read the whole post. Makes you think. As one who has a tendency to agree more with Driscoll’s approach, I appreciate the challenge that Nathan provides from scripture. He agrees that he is premature in criticizing a talk that hasn’t happened yet, but he is basing the critique on what Driscoll and Piper have said in the past. I can’t wait till the national conference talks are posted. I am more anxious for this conference all the time.


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  1. […] more on harsh language Posted on September 18, 2008 by bkingr Here is Doug Wilson’s response to the arguments put forward by Nathan Busenitz that I referenced earlier today. […]

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