discipline and bitterness

Here are some thoughts about dealing with hard discipline and avoiding bitterness. It is wise counsel for all of us.

You must approach tough experiences with maturity and demonstrate a humble and teachable attitude. The season of suffering is meant to produce fruit. It will do that only for those ‘who have been trained by it’ (Heb. 12:11), not for those who’ve missed the training. Indeed, suffering doesn’t automatically produce holiness and sanctification. It can produce the very opposite. Those who’ve gone through tragic circumstances often fall into bitterness and misery.

The only way to withstand bitterness is to make sure that you don’t miss the grace of God. Grace, like an effective weed-killer, can get to the root of bitterness and destroy its power. But you must deliberately obtain grace. You must make a specific choice to refuse bitterness, not once but many times. Bitterness will repeatedly knock your door and you must always send grace to answer it.

Go read the whole (short article). There is also a link on the entry to Terry’s bible study on the topic with an action plan.

hat tip to Ramblin’ Pastor Man


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