one pollster’s take on the church of the future

here is a part of Chuck Warnock’s post on one pollster’s take on the future of the church in the U.S.:

“The church of the future will be a bungalow on Maple Street, not a megastructure in a sea of parking spaces. It’s intimacy of experience people long for, not production values.” — The Way We’ll Be, p. 215.
In a previous chapter, “One True Thing,” Zogby says that people are “searching for authenticity in a make-believe world.” That’s what will drive the tremendous growth of house churches in the coming years, especially among the demographic he calls ‘First Globals” which others label Millenials. Zogby quotes one house church enthusiast, “What is so exciting about doing small-group house church is just the chance to be real.” Authenticity, not high production values, is what First Globals are seeking.

What do you think? Are small house churches the way to rediscover authenticity? Are they the only way? can a large congregation be authentic? why or why not? if a large congregation can be an authentic community, how can it do so?

Maybe more importantly, is a small group a guarantee of authentic community? why or why not? what has to happen for authentic transparent community to occur?

hat tip to Catablog.


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